The first step to providing an invaluable acquisition service is to understand and identify the needs of our clients. Once we have a full understanding of the client’s objectives, we begin to research the marketplace to determine the availability of specific aircraft(s) that will suit the client’s equipment and financial requirements.  This research includes a variety of sources worldwide such as public advertisements and unadvertised aircraft for sale through private networks and other sources. We specialize in personal service to the first time aircraft buyer as well as the seasoned aircraft owner or operator.

We acquire all necessary data and specifications, utilize our appraisal expertise and make comparisons for all viable aircraft options presented to our clients. We act as an agent and advocate for the individual buyer, business or corporation. Our obligation is solely to represent you (our client).


International Aircraft Services has managed the sale of corporate and private aircraft and helicopters for over 40 years. We are known for our honest representation and accurate disclosure of information and we have a successful track record of aircraft sold throughout the world. Our extensive experience with corporate jets, turbo props, light twin engine and single engine aircraft, and helicopters, have earned us a reputation for satisfaction and completing the mission. Clients especially appreciate being able to continue to fly their aircraft if they wish while we represent it for sale. Corporations and individuals call us when they want their aircraft sold professionally and at the best value. For quick personal service, contact us today.

Aviation Consulting

International Aircraft Services has over 40 years of consultation experience in many areas of aviation. We provide expertise in aircraft acquisitions, flight training, aircraft lease backs, private and commercial pilot licensing, and FAA compliance. Securing of funding, insurance, and other general aviation services allow for a turnkey operation for many of our clients.

International Aircraft Services also provides support to aircraft owners by managing maintenance inspections and liaising between aircraft operators and owners. We can assist aircraft owners in securing a crew to operate their aircraft. International Aircraft Services provides a comprehensive service with a wealth of knowledge and experience to advise our clients on a optimal course of action to meet their specific needs and protect their investment.