From single engine aircraft, through light twins, turbo-props and corporate jets, the documented certified appraisals and our acquisition procedures used, insure the best value for the investment and the right aircraft for the objective.

Aircraft Appraisal Services

What is an appraisal?
An appraisal is an impartial opinion of the value of an aircraft, prepared by our certified experts who know all of the factors which make up the current market climate for the aircraft. We investigate the history of the aircraft, examine aircraft log books, inspect the exterior and interior of the aircraft (airframe, engines, props, instrumentation, avionics and all relative systems) and spend considerable time assessing its value in the current aviation marketplace.

Why get a certified appraisal?
Everyone wants to make sure that they receive an accurate and current market value for the aircraft they are purchasing or selling. Our certified appraisals are recognized throughout the world as a documented value for a specific aircraft at a specific time in the marketplace. An accurate and current market value will lessen the time it takes to sell an aircraft or negotiate a purchase. The only way to acquire the true market value of an aircraft is through a certified aircraft appraisal performed by our certified aircraft appraisers.

Who needs a certified appraisal?
Our Senior Certified Aircraft Appraisers along with the USPAP endorsement allows us to provide invaluable information as to aircraft value for the court system, domestic disputes, Corporations, insurance companies, lending institutions, state and federal agencies and individual aircraft buyers and sellers.

Why does the legal industry choose International Aircraft Sales Corporation?
We offer our certified appraisal and sales services for the purposes of litigation, domestic disputes and estate settlements. We provide prompt, confidential, detailed certified reports that are professional and unbiased and reflect the true market value of an aircraft. All of our appraisals are conducted by a Certified Senior Aircraft Appraiser with the USPAP endorsement. For further information on our certifications, please click here.

Why hire International Aircraft Sales Corporation?
Our aircraft appraisal service is prompt, accurate, thorough and documented. As always, we must remain objective thus making our evaluations authentic and accurate. We help our clients realize the best value for their investment.