Ken, I wanted to say thanks. You did an exceptional job. The particular underwriter commented she had never seen an appraisal that well written. Based upon your report they agreed to finance 85% of your appraised value as opposed to the purchase price. Great job !

I had been searching for an aircraft for over a year and was contacted by Ken at IAS. He had found a great plane for me located at a nearby airport. I did some research on my own and told him I was interested in taking a look at it.
Ken went one better, he arranged to let me fly the plane We all met at the hangar and Ken showed me all the documentation and explained the history of the plane. Then we went for a brief flight and demonstrated all of the avionics and also let me fly it for a while.
When we returned, I told Ken that I was interested in purchasing the plane and he contacted the seller with my offer. Being a first time buyer, Ken helped me through the process. He did all of the paperwork, arranged for hull insurance, took care of all the FAA paperwork and made the process effortless for me. He even arranged to have the plane delivered to my home airport!
Ken went above and beyond the call with the level of service and assistance he gave me and I will be forever grateful to him for making this so easy for me. He was professional and responsive to all of my questions, he always returned my phone calls.
If I ever sell this airplane, I would not hesitate to let Ken handle the sale for me. He is a true professional and genuinely great guy to deal with and I now consider him a friend.
Thanks Ken!

“I had a wonderful experience with International Aircraft Sales Corporation. Ken took the time to educate me and my company during my first aircraft purchase experience and never rushed me during the process.  He patiently advised me throughout the purchase and even helped me secure financing and insurance. He has Appraised, Bought and Sold and consulted for me on many aircraft. Ken is very meticulous, knowledgeable and professional.  I’m not sure if there is anyone else out there, like him.  I gladly endorse and recommend International Aircraft Sales Corp. to anyone interested in aircraft purchase, sale or appraisal.”

“I first met Ken in the late 1980’s and in the more than 20 years I’ve known him, we have established a relationship built on trust and respect.  I have purchased six aircrafts through Ken through the years and will continue to request Ken’s services in the future.  He has sold many aircraft for us as well. Ken understands my needs as well as the market trends and gives me good, sound advice.  It would be hard to replace him.”

“Your appraisals all arrived as promised yesterday. With your certified and detailed appraisals, we will be in a position to verify offers made on these repossessed turbines and jet aircraft. As we had discussed, this is all in support of our Risk Management. Thanks again for the expedited service.”

“The aircraft has proven itself to be a quality aircraft, as you originally represented to the Commission.  I would like to express my appreciation for your assistance in appraising, locating and securing the sale of this aircraft.  Your professionalism and cooperation helped to make the difficult task of government aircraft purchase a much easier assignment.”

“The appraisal arrived today and looks thorough and complete. I can now make an offer on the subject aircraft that I have confidence is fair and reasonable. Thank you!”

“With your figures for the appraisal, we (our law firm) were able to settle the entire case. Absent your assistance, this case would not have settled.”

“Thanks for all your hard work. We really appreciate all you did for our family and estate.”

“If you don’t already know it, I have got to tell you… you are simply a delightful person to know and a pleasure to be around.  You are a man who understands the overall picture and yet doesn’t forget any of the details; both skills are very important in running anything properly.”